Chef Susan


Welcome to Cook Happy! I am Chef Susan and it is a pleasure to have you as a visitor. In 1986, I married a good-looking guy. Dave and I have been married for 25 years and we have two beautiful children; Brittany, 23, and Garrett, 21. We feel so blessed as parents. A few things I love are family, friends, cooking, gardening, vacationing, photography, beach trips, finding good deals, shopping, our 2 dogs, and our cat, Marley. A few of my other passions include photography, learning about healthy living, and sewing. I have recently ventured upon an exciting new project – a cookbook called Cook Happy.  I currently serve as Chef for the Lions Gate Inn Bed&Breakfast in Newberg, Oregon. Looking to retreat to a place of fine wine, warm hospitality, and a great breakfast? Check out the Lions Gate Inn here

My life is good. I am finding that I am becoming brave and strong the older I get. There is something so cool about getting older. You find your are a little smarter, stronger, and wisdom is becoming apart of life. I hope I bring a little happiness to you when you visit Cook Happy. I would love to hear from you anytime. Thank you for joining me in this journey of new beginnings!


Chef Susan

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