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Are you an Apron Girl?

“I have spread my bed with tapestry, Colored coverings of Egyptian linens.” Proverbs 7:16 What would this world be if women couldn’t decorate or express themselves through color, fabric, design, accessories,clothing,food, and inspirations. Decorating runs through our blood I believe. We start as children in our bedrooms. We found happiness as children when we pretend […]

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$25 Leather Creations Giveaway!

Meet Chelsea, she has created some really great items on Esty, such as upcycled belts, various buttons, rhinestones, rivets, heart shaped key chains and much more. Please take a look and support a mom who loves to create! Click here to visit Leather Creations Facebook page or visit the Etsy Store. I am giving away […]

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Three Tasty Things For Your Skin

I thought I would share a fun treatment you can eat and also apply to your face. When you get up the morning you can serve up a bowl of Strawberries and ┬áPlain Yogurt to eat, these two ingredients are so good for our health, but they also mixed together and applied to your face […]

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