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Honey-Wheat Pizza with Pear-Prosciutto Salad

Surprise your family with this delicious pizza, so much that you might never have to order out again. The Honey-Wheat crust completely pulled me in. The pizza has lots a good flavor with the pears, prosciutto, and spinach with a hint of lemon thyme and salt and pepper. The crust was easy to make and […]

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Strawberry Green Salad

Eating your way to a Beautiful you There is an important connection between what you eat and how you look. A balanced diet is an essential part for your health and vibrant skin.The good news is, the foods that happen to be good for your skin are also good for overall health. Eating a diet […]

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Chic Food

Cucumber, Tomato, Basil, chick peas with hummus Sandwiches This week I thought I would share a healthy snack idea. These veggie sandwiches are great because you can customize them however you want. Today I used cucumbers, tomatoes, chickpeas. basil, hummus and sprinkled some sea salt and pepper on top.. Hummus comes in many different flavors […]

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